Glue Holder for Lash Extension – Pack of 100

Glue Holder for Lash Extension – Pack of 100

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Achieve flawless Russian volume lash extensions with ease using our innovative Glue Holder! Designed specifically for this intricate technique, our holder ensures your adhesive remains fresh and your application precise.

Russian volume lashes require meticulous attention to detail, and our Glue Holder is the perfect tool to assist you in this process. Its special multiple V shape channels designed to assist you with Russian volume fan creation, allowing for effortless, quick and precise fan creation.

Another key benefits of our Glue Holder is its ability to keep your adhesive at the optimal consistency throughout the application. This is crucial for Russian volume lashes, as it ensures that each fan is created smoothly and adheres perfectly to the natural lash.

Our Glue Holder is a must-have for any lash artist looking to elevate their Russian volume lash extensions. Its durable construction, comfortable design, and ability to keep adhesive fresh make it an essential tool for achieving stunning, long-lasting results.

Order your Glue Holder today and take your Russian volume lash extensions to the next level!