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Classic Eyelash Extensions

classic-lash-extension-near-meLashury strives to offer the best classic eyelash extensions in Auckland, Takapuna, North Shore

Classic eyelash extensions is the very first extension style invented. You can expect one extension be applied on one of your natural lash without adding any volume. Hence, unlike Russian volume eyelash extensions, this style will not add more lashes to your eyes. It will only improve your lashes’ length and curl.

So classic eyelash extensions will be a good choice if you have plenty of natural lashes but they are short and/or straight. It will enhance your naturally thick lashes with longer and curlier look. Your eyes will look more beautiful than ever.

However, classic extensions won’t help you much if your natural lashes are sparse. Because it will not make your lashes look any less sparse. In some case, if your natural lashes are too sparse or there are gaps in your lashes, classic extensions will make it look worse as it emphasize the feature of your natural lashes. So if you have sparse natural lashes, volume extensions would be a better option. Because this style will add more volume to your lashes and make it look thicker. You can read more about Natural Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions here.

What to expect

At your appointment, our stylist will assess your natural lash condition and recommend suitable extension length and curl. Then you can relax in our comfortable bed while we apply lash extensions on your natural lashes, one by one. The session duration is about 1 hour and the price is $89.

Our stylists are trained to be very gentle so the treatment will be pain free and comfortable. Our clients love to have a chat or enjoy a short sleep during the treatment.

You can expect your lashes to look much longer and curlier at the end of the treatment. The end result is beautiful looking eyes that will make you smile.

Classic Eyelash Extensions Before and After

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