Natural Wispy Eyelash Extensions Auckland

Natural Wispy Eyelash Extensions

cheap wispy eyelash extensions north shore albany takapuna aucklandNatural wispy eyelash extensions will be the perfect option if you would like to try something new, trending and you have a love for a uniquely beautiful set of lashes. This trending style is also known as Kim K style eyelash extensions because it will make your lashes look like Kim Kardashian’s.

Wispy lash extensions are similar to Hybrid eyelash extensions because both of them use a mixture of Russian volume lash extensions and Classic eyelash extensions. The difference is that 90% of the extensions will be volume and 10% will be classic with longer length to create the appearance of Strip lash look.

Various classic lash lengths will be applied among volume lashes. You can imagine your lashes gradually rise and fall  across the eyes, creating a spiky appearance which is unique and very noticeable.

If you have never tried wispy extensions, we recommend you giving it a go as this style is just fantastic. It will give you an innocent, dreamy look that will catch attention on first sight. You won’t be disappointed.

What to expect

Similar to Russian volume extensions. We have different level for Wispy extensions.

Light Wispy Lash Extensions

This is the natural version of wispy eyelash extensions. If you love something special, unique but still natural then this is your to go option. You can imagine this as 2D – 3D volume extensions with adding wispy effect. The treatment will  takes 1 hour 15 minutes with a price tag of $159.

Medium Wispy Eyelash Extensions

This is similar to medium volume extensions with adding wispy effect. You will get about 500 volume lashes with adding classic extensions to create the unique spiky look. The result is a very noticeable and dramatic lash look. The treatment will take 1 hour 45 minutes. The price is $199.

Wispy eyelash extensions before and after

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