Lip Blush Tattoo Before and After Care

To make sure your lip blush tattoo treatment achieve the best possible result and reduce the risk of any complications, you need to follow our instructions for pre and post treatment care. Here is what you have to do.

Pre treatment care:

Pre-treatment cares are important steps that need to be taken to prepare your lips for the actual lip blush treatment. Following the steps below to make sure your lips are in good condition prior to your appointment:

1. Exfoliate your lips everyday in 3-5 days prior to your appointment using specialize lip scrub exfoliation or honey mixed with sugar.

2. Apply lip balm everyday prior to your appointment to keep them moisturised. Moisturised lips will retain color better and help you get a better result.

3. Drink enough water everyday (35ml per 1kg of body weight). This will keep your lips well moisturised for a good lip blush result.

***Cold sores: Clients who have suffered from cold sores (Herpes simplex 1) can experience symptoms of the infection after treatment to the lips. Many are not aware that they are a carrier of this virus, as signs are not always visible until it is triggered. We HIGHLY Recommend all clients undergoing Lip Blushing to use Antiviral medication pre and post their procedure. Medications such as Valaciclovir: (should be started 5 days prior to your appointment and 4 days after the treatment). Cold sores are a typical reaction in permanent makeup of the lips. Please acknowledge that lip blush can cause a cold sore outbreak reactivation in up to 90% of the cases if you had it in the past.

What can happen if I choose not to take an Antiviral Script?

* Poor Pigment Retention

* Infection

* Excess Scar Tissue

* Cold Sore Outbreak

* Undesirable Outcome

Lip blush tattoo aftercare:

As lip blush is a tattoo treatment, your lip skin is pierced with a needle so it will need to go through a healing process after the treatment.

The aftercare routine is there to help your lip skin heal into the beautiful color that you wanted. Following the aftercares also help minimising the risk of annoying side effects of the treatment such as cold sores or infection.

1. Keep your lips dry for 6 hours after the treatment. You can drink water with a straw.

2. After the first 6 hours, clean your lips with damp make up removal pad every 2-3 hours.

3. After 24 hours, start applying lip balm whenever you feel your lips dry. Vaseline lip balm or Paw Paw lip balm can be purchased from Chemist Warehouse. Or you can also use your current lip balm. Please only apply VERY THIN layer each time. Thick application may obstruct healing process.

4. VERY IMPORTANT: Please WIPE your lips THOROUGHLY and CLEANLY after you eat anything. This will minimize the risk of infection. As your lips have open wound after the treatment and then expose to food & drink, there is a risk to get bacteria infection if your lips are not well clean after meals. Please remember to wipe and clean them thoroughly.

5. If you have sign of an infection or cold sores, please STOP applying the aftercare ointment / lip balm. And please visit your doctor as soon as possible to get medical advice. Please follow your doctor’s instruction to control and stop the infection or cold sores.

6. Avoid salty and spicy food in the first 2 weeks. These food may irritate your lips, delay healings and increase the risk of infection.

7. Your lips will go through a scabbing/peeling process in 2-4 days. There will be tiny flakes or scabs on your lips during this healing process. Don’t pick or remove the scabs in anyway. Leave them to flake off naturally.

8. Don’t use lipstick in 2 months.

9. Taking vitamin C supplement will help your lips recover better and achieve a more vibrant lip color.

Lip Blush Tattoo Healing Process:

Day 1: Lips may feel swollen and uncomfortable.

Day 2: Still swollen and dry.

Day 3-4: Flaking scabs, light or no color, patchy color, outer lips may be darker than inner lips, dry lips and need to apply moisturizer frequently (moisturized provided after treatment)

Day 10-30: Lips turn dark and patchy depend on each client’s lips. This is very common.

Day 35-40: Color start to turn lighter and more vibrant.

Day 50-80: Color stabilizes. Best time for having follow up session.