Eyelash Extensions Aftercare Instructions

Eyelash Extensions Aftercare Instructions

eyelash extensions aftercare aucklandEyelash extensions aftercare is an important step that you will need to do to keep your lash set beautiful and long lasting.

Whether your natural eyelashes are short or sparse, eyelash extensions are a great way to add extra lash volume and length to draw attention to your beautiful eyes.

However, lash extensions are an investment. It takes time  and money to get your lash set done. As a result, you’re definitely going to want to take good care of them.

Why is aftercare important for your eyelash extensions?

Similar to any good beauty investment, eyelash extensions need proper maintenance. If you take good care of your lash extensions, you can:

  • keep your eyelashes clean
  • prevent eye infections
  • keep them looking nice longer
  • save your money, because you won’t need to maintain or replace them as often

What does eyelash extension aftercare involve?

Below are what you should do to maintain your eyelash extensions.

Use Eyelash Serum

We highly recommend the use of eyelash serum if you wear extensions frequently. Lash serum is safe to use with extensions and will help your lashes grow fuller, stronger, longer and healthier. Healthy natural eyelashes are vital for a beautiful set of extensions. When your natural lashes are full and strong, you can try more styles. Your lashes will be able to hold fuller volume and longer extensions. Healthy natural lashes will also mean your extensions will stay longer.

If you haven’t used lash serum, get in touch with our team to get one.

Don’t get your lash extensions wet for 48 hours after your treatment

You should avoid any activity that may get your eyelash extensions wet for the first 48 hours after application. These may include washing your eyes, taking shower, etc.

The reason is that glue need time to completely bond extensions with your natural lashes. Getting wet will affect this process, making the bond weak and easy to break. As a result, your extensions may will not last as long.

After that, wash them regularly

After the first 48 hours, residue will begin to accumulate around the lash line if you don’t wash your extensions. This may cause eye infections and other unwanted eye issues.

Therefore, it is recommend that you clean your eyelash extensions every 3 days following the below steps:

  1. Brush the extensions with a soft bristle brush provided to you after your appointment.
  2. Wash them with a special lash shampoo or cleanser. You should carefully wash the roots and skin between your lashes to clean them off any dust or oil.
  3. Finally, run down your eyes with water to clean off shampoo or cleanser.

Brush your extensions every morning

You should brush your lash extensions’ tips every morning to keep them in their perfectly beautiful look.

Avoid oil-based products near your lash extensions

Avoid using any oil-based products near your eyelash extensions because oil will break the bonding of the glue and will cause premature extension falling off. As a result your set will not last long.

So please check your products carefully before applying – especially eye creams and make up removers.

You should also skip mascara, foundation and eyeliner on eyelids. Similarly, these products can soften the glue on your lash extensions and result in premature shedding.

Don’t pick at them

If it is your first time having eyelash extensions, it may feel weird at first. However, you shouldn’t pick at them as it will tear off your natural lashes. Instead, just leave them be and you will get more comfortable with them after a couple of days.

Do not rub your eyes either. Rubbing will damage both the extensions and your natural lashes.

If the extensions make you feel very uncomfortable, please contact us.

Sleep on your back

Your lash set will lash longer if you sleep on your back. Because if you sleep on your your side, you may accidentally crush your lashes during the night and shorten their life.

No eyelash curlers

Don’t use eyelash curler as they may pull your lash extensions out. Instead, if you love curly lashes, you can advise use at the time of your appointment and we will choose extension curl that suit your liking.

Have eyelash extensions refill on time.

Eyelash extensions usually last about 3 to 4 weeks, but they may last longer if you take good care of them.

Eventually, your lashes will fall off over time and you may notice the decrease in volume. To maintain the perfect look of your lash set, you should book for a refill and our stylists will apply extra lashes to fill them up. The cost of refilling is always cheaper than a new set but your set will look just like new. So it is highly recommend that you get the refill done on time.

Eyelash Extensions Summary

Eyelash extensions are a great add on to enhance the beauty of your eyes. You will definitely look more beautiful and be more confident with a lash set on. However, to maintain their beautiful look and make them last long, a good aftercare is needed.

To sum it up, a good eyelash extensions aftercare including brushing your extensions daily, cleaning them every 3 days, and avoiding things that can lead to premature shedding or damage your real lashes. Following a good aftercare process will keep your lashes beautiful and save you money and time.